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Signature Presentations

As soon as your child is born, you begin imagining what his or her future will hold. You await the first word, watch for the first step, and try to envision what they will grow up to be. Whatever that is, it’s likely to require a college degree. So as your child takes the first steps toward the future, it’s important that you take the first steps toward seeing that a college education will be a part of it.

The “Money Game” is a game in which we all must participate.  Unfortunately, with no coaching or game plan most people fail. This talk is designed to provide the foundational knowledge that we should have learned in school.

Investing for beginners… This talk is designed to walk through the “Basic of Investing.”  Some of the questions that are answered are:  What is a mutual fund? What 3 types of accounts should I have? and How can I take advantage of market fluctuations?  This talk is sure to boost your “Investing Confidence”.

At this time all speaking engagements are complimentary; However Jasper reserves the right to decline any engagement that does not align with his brand or values.

Speaking engagements last 45 mins- 1 hour.